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Social Dog coaching helps motivated humans and their dogs reach specific life, sport, & adventure goals.

By expanding your pup’s baseline behavioral skills, you can work toward almost any training ambition.

Whether you’re:

  • getting your first puppy
  • want to bring your best friend along on road trips
  • teaching a rescue pup good manners
  • or want your adventure dog to join you in human sports

We’ll develop an individualized training program for your unique team and situation. Get ready for success!

Sarina has been instrumental in helping us. The shelter is now a very harmonious environment for the dogs, thank you Sarina! We’re SO chuffed to have you on board, it’s really been a game changer.”

– Sally Ella Horn, PATA Sámara Animal Rescue

1st Step: Free Intro Consultation

How can I help?

This free introductory call will help us decide if we are a good fit to work together.

You’ll fill out an intake form before we talk, and we’ll discuss your training history and goals on the call. I want to make sure I can help you succeed in meeting your goals, before taking your money…

A $45 value, absolutely free!

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Social Dog

Lily Rose dining out

Want your dog to enjoy more activities?

If your dog is hesitant about new places, things, or people – and you dread trips in the car or going to the vet or groomer – this consultation will support your dog to build more confidence.

For dogs who need a stronger foundation to venture into the world anxiety-free, we’ll create an individualized, step-by-step plan of controlled socialization and environmental exposure exercises.

Chronic stress has been linked to decreased lifespan and poor health conditions in dogs. By helping your nervous pup develop neutral responses to stimuli, you will both enjoy more activities and safeguard his health.

Live your best life, together!

Adventure Dog

Dog riding a motorcycle
Moto Dog

Want to include your dog in everything?

For dogs with basic good manners ready to take it to the next level! Whether you want your good doggo to ride in a sidecar, stand up paddle board, or ocean kayak with you, this consultation will help your dog live her best life by becoming a more active part of yours.

Whatever your sport, we’ll explore where your team is your training journey then develop a step-by-step plan so you can both adventure, together.

Let’s go!

Follow Up

Let’s check-In!

After we’ve developed your dog’s individualized training plan together, you will be on your way. I will provide virtual support for 4 weeks while you work toward your goals, but after that you can schedule a follow up consultation for questions, challenges, or any other help along the way.

You got this!

My 8 month old puppy was not responding to his basic commands (sit, down, stay) as well as he usually did during training and Sarina noted that he seemed anxious

She suggested that I feed half of his food before training and use praise and scritches instead of just food. She recommended useful articles and videos and really helped me expand my knowledge with regards to balanced training!

– Jenny Kuan

Social Dog Coaching available in-person and online. Let’s get started!