• Household Harmony with Multiple Dogs
    Got Dogs?🐕🐕🐕 More than one doubles the fun, but it can also double the challenge! Jealousy and favoritism can lead to: 🐾 aggression🐾 marking in the house🐾 stealing other dog’s toys🐾 fighting over food, toys, YOU… Or, for seemingly no reason at all.😞 Homes with multiple dogs can have unique issues that create conflict. IfContinue reading “Household Harmony with Multiple Dogs”
  • Does Dog Training Really Work? Let’s Unpack That. (A Parody.*)
    Research shows that dog training delivers great benefits to many. But it’s hard to say exactly what that means for your dog. In my early 20’s, I purchased my first purebred dog, a rough collie. Growing up watching re-runs of Lassie painted a very clear picture of the kind of dog I wanted, and whatContinue reading “Does Dog Training Really Work? Let’s Unpack That. (A Parody.*)”
  • Raising A Balanced Kitten – Or, Cats Are Crepuscular
    TLDR; Cats require 15-20 hours of sleep per day and mental stimulation. Hi! I’m a dog trainer who’s also trained cats, horses, and other farm animals.🐕‍🦺🏇🐐🐑 Cats are crepuscular, which means they have two active periods at dawn and dusk, and sleep most of the rest of the time.🌅🌆 Crepuscular animals evolved to be mostContinue reading “Raising A Balanced Kitten – Or, Cats Are Crepuscular”
  • Raising an Adventure Cat!
    Raising Starbuck, the Adventure Cat – a step by step training adventure! Follow along as we raise our Ragdoll kitten. We believe EVERY pet is an Emotional Support Animal! Our motto? Training IS Love. Our philosophy? Extreme Socialization.
  • Best. Recall. Ever.
    With a solid recall, dogs can have more freedom and fun. Here I let Lily chase a bunny, and she turns back toward me as soon as I say her name!
  • Training Zaguate Pup “Buddy”
    Buddy is our little Board & Train foster from PATA Sámara Animal Rescue. He is learning sit, down, come, hand touch, and to wait at doors. He will be ready for his forever family soon!
  • Downtown Dog! Part 1
    In the spirit of “Extreme Socialization,” we get Lily* out into the world as much as possible. Watch as we hop on the Link Light Rail and bop around Downtown Seattle on a fine Spring day! Want a Social Dog? Ask me how! Social Dog coaching helps motivated humans (and their dogs) reach specific life, sport, & adventure goals… Our Philosophy: Extreme Socialization. Our Motto: Training IS Love! LIKE THIS VIDEO? SUBSCRIBE NOW & NEVER MISS OUR FUN UPLOADS!!! *Puppelina Lily Rose CGCA, CGCU, TKI THANKS TO: Dogtopia at the Harbor Steps!
  • Agility is FUN!
    Learning with Lily: Agility is FUN!
  • SUP PUP! (Or, how we taught our Adventure Papillon to Stand Up Paddle Board)
    Teach a Papillon to SUP Board? YES WE CAN!
  • Keeping Small Dogs Safe… with all 4 feet on the ground
    What should you do to keep your dog safe while out and about? First, always be aware of your surroundings, and second, train your dog! But also, be sure to practice BLOCKING so you develop the muscle memory to do it automatically. Lily Rose and I frequently encounter dogs on the street in Costa Rica – where MANY dogs roam freely – so being comfortable with physical blocking is very important. For more info on dog self defense and socialization, see our Blog at http://www.socialdog.coach. Social Dog coaching helps motivated we humans – and their dogs! – reach specific life, sport, & adventure goals. ​ ​Our motto is “Training IS Love” and our philosophy, Extreme Socialization: ​ ​Relationship-based training out in the world to build resilience, prevent anxiety, and develop the skills our fur babies need to live their best life! Want a Social Dog? Ask me how! *Puppelina Lily Rose, CGC, TKI https://www.socialdog.coach https://www.facebook.com/sarina.socialdog/

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